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Aidan McCullen

I am passionate about human potential and empowering people and organisations to be the best they might be.

I have studied how we learn and understand the best way to learn is to create an enjoyable learning environment. My talks and my workshops are always fun and I guarantee you will learn so much.


Keynotes & Webinars

Phoenix 2

Permament Reinvention

In an era of galloping change we need to develop additional capability BEFORE we appear to need it. This is critical for our organisations, teams and for ourselves to stay relevant.

communicate to innovate

Communicate to Innovate

Organisations have brilliant people. Often these people have the answers to your toughest challenges, but most cultures lack the interpersonal structures to discuss ideas. 

Mindset 256 White

The Biases that Block Us

The human brain has evolved much slower that the environment in which we operate. Artificial Intelligence and technology upgrades at an exponential rate, but we still use legacy mindware.


What Clients say

Nadya Zhexembayeva

Nadya Zhexembayeva

ceo, Weexist

“We invited Aidan as a keynote speaker for our 2020 global virtual Reinvention Summit, attended by 1,200 participants – and he delivered! While many speakers have trouble transitioning between face-to-face and virtual formats, Aidan energized the entire global community, kept us all on our toes, and brought a much-needed mix of depth and pragmatism while sprinkling it with a healthy dose of hope. Highly recommended!”

Kevin O'Connell

Senior principal, Mastercard

“Aidan did a kickoff keynote for Mastercard’s first virtual digital safari to over 10,000 participants. His talk was great. It encapsulated so many messages we are trying to drive with all our business partners around transformation, innovation, constant reinvention and experimentation as was a great segue into the entire three-day event.”

Marie-Andrée Gélinas

Marie-Andrée Gélinas

Director, CBC/Radio-Canada

“Aidan was MC for our annual event, it is a major event for us and the MC is a key component. Aidan overdelivered and the audience enjoyed his mix of thought provoking stories and humor, a rare mix. Aidan has a very experienced past which gives him huge credibility.”


Yuri Loburets

Business and innovation, egta

“Aidan has a rare talent of blending high-quality content, translating complex ideas into understandable and thought-provoking messages. Aidan delivered in a light and engaging manner with a healthy touch of humour. We were glad to recommend Aidan to some of our members for their events and received only complimentary feedback.”

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